Boutique Du Luxe

Welcome to our Boutique Du Luxe Section.  We here at HalloweenMania strive to offer everyone the best possible in Halloween costumes.  We have often been asked if we have a section of only our Supreme Edition costumes, and the answer to the question is, yes we do.  We have created a seperate area containing all of our top costumes, ranging from STAR WARS, Princesses, Zorro, and SuperHeroes.  This section is open to all, you simply need to ask one of our friendly staff and they will be more than happy to take you on a tour.  We encourage everyone to take a moment and see what all the fuss is about.

STAR WARS:  Supreme Edition Darth Vader. 

This costume comes with the following special edition items.  Supreme Edition Mask & Helmet with breathing sound module.  Specially quilted jumpsuit with injection molded armor pieces ( collar with shoulder guards, light up chest piece, light up belt, code piece and shin guards ), hood, robe, cape, gloves with gauntlets.

Supreme Edition Cinderella. 

This beautiful costumes comes with all you see here, long flowing dress with jewel chest and waist, crinoline hoop skirt, long white gloves, choker, and head piece.

Super Deluxe Edition Fred Flintstone.

Oversized deluxe mascot quality head piece with attached tie, Plush tunic with attached sleeves, pants and oversized foot shaped shoe covers. 


Grand Heritage Edition BatGirl Classic TV series.

Purple Jumpsuit, molded belt, matching headpiece with wig, Cape and Gloves.


STAR WARS:  Supreme Edition Storm Trooper.

Jumpsuit with molded armor pieces ( Chest, Back and lower back pieces, codpiece, belt, shoulder and bicep pieces, gauntlets, thigh, knee and shin pieces )  gloves and collector's edition mask / helmet.

From the Dark Knight Series.

Catwoman Grand Heritage Edition. 

This costume comes with a black jumpsuit, a belt, long black gloves, boot tops, eyemask, and cat ears headpiece.

...And much, much more.  Pirates, Zorro and many more Superheroes and Star Wars themed Supreme edition costumes, each one a must see.

Nous avons le plus grand choix de costumes d'Halloween à Montréal

We have the largest selection of Halloween costumes in  Montreal.