HalloweenMania Presents  

  A Haunted House  

Welcome to HalloweenMania's Haunted House.   We here at our flagship location, in St-Leonard, have taken it upon ourselves to get you into the halloween mood, and what better way than with a haunted house.   We have transformed 2500 square feet of our store into a twisting haunting maze of fun and fright.  All are welcome to try our completely free attraction ( available from July 15th to November 1st ).

To add to the fun, we created an ever changing maze, from year to year it becomes a new experience for all.  So if it's your first time visiting our store or your fifth, this haunted experience will still hold some surprises.

Below is a sample video of our very first creation, but please be aware that there is a surprise ending to our twisted maze of scary fun, and for those of you who have never visited, it can spoil some of the fun.   The maze has changed over the years, but the following video can give you a good idea of what is inside. 


Enter if you dare, muhahahaha!

Nous avons le plus grand choix de costumes d'Halloween à Montréal

We have the largest selection of Halloween costumes in  Montreal.

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